Customers reviews

Got relief from back pain

I was suffering with bad lower back pain & my ankle would get really achy at the end of every work shift. My friend told me about Plantar Bio Science arch supports so I figured I would try it. It felt comfortable against my foot but also felt like it was really supportive at the same time. I noticed I could move them easily from work shoes to casual shoes & bending did not put pressure on my back! My ankle felt better to a point that I forgot I had ankle pain! I don't want to be without these arch supports ever! What relief finally!
Steve P.

Great Product

I had a draw in my bedroom literally filled with different insoles, arch supports. Nothing would take the pressure off the ball of my foot & toes in dress shoes that I had to wear to work everyday. My cousin told me about plantar bio science arch supports, so I gave it a try & I'm so glad I did. I have over 39 pairs of different types of shoes and I can move them to most of my shoes in seconds! No one can see them because of the ultra slim design so I can get relief all day at work. Then I transfer them to athletic shoes at night! Wherever I go whatever I do it's easier, feel good & I can focus more on work & family not on pain!!!
Beth H.

Amazing plantar fasciitis relief!

For years I suffered with plantar fasciitis and couldn't find relief. My foot pain was so bad that I would soak my feet in warm water every night after work. My brother was having similar pain & tried plantar bio science arch supports & got such great relief! So, I tried them for a few weeks and felt better. I noticed that this product has special supports for the medial & lateral plantar nerves in the foot. I'm glad I found this product. Instead of soaking my feet after work, I'm working out at the gym or out with friends feeling good! Plantar Bio Science arch supports gave me back my life!!!
Peggy G.

Great value

I've spent 1 ,000's On orthotics at foot doctor offices & got no relief. A friend recommended plantar bio science arch supports because she had good results so I thought I would try it. The pain in the ball of my foot is gone and the swelling in my ankle is down. Even my legs & back feel better! When I put them in my shoes at first I could feel the support but it felt like I was getting the right support so I kept wearing it & kept feeling better. I'm glad I had an open mind to keep trying different products as I gave up numerous times. Try plantar bio science arch supports, use them a few weeks, you too will see improvements & relief!
Marsha H.

No more leg cramps!

I've tried various orthotics/arch supports in the past. But this one really helped me. I was having pain on the outside of my foot & couldn't get relief. It was frustrating. Then the muscles in my legs would cramp up. After using plantar bio science arch supports my feet & body feel so much better. I don't get cramps in my legs anymore & the pain is gone from the outside of my foot. I'm able to play tennis again & get back to traveling. The balance I have using them has not only made me feel better but my game is better! Winning tennis games & feeling good! Thanks so much!
Kim k.

Fit to stand, work & walk again!!

I had such bad foot pain it was very hard for me to be on my feet. I quit my job and was looking for a desk job that didn't require so much standing. I found a desk job but still had problems with foot & back pain. I heard about plantar bio science arch supports & just thought l would try them. The first few days I felt a little better. Then I noticed on the 4th or 5th day I had no more pain on the inside area of my arch. Then noticed less back pain. Things just kept getting better! I really love my archsupports & can't imagine getting through my day without them! If it could help me & I was really a mess, it could help you. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!
Linda N.


I work as a security guard long hours. Plantar Bio Science arch supports took away pain I was having from plantar fasciitis. I can move them easily from my work boots to my casual shoes in seconds. Feeling good and comfortable all night long at work means a lot! Thank you, for helping me feel like me!
Steve M.

No more foot & back pain

Using them for awhile & still pain free I'm a male nurse practitioner & have suffered with heel pain for years. I kept switching shoes throughout the day. After using Plantar Bio Science arch supports not only is my heel pain gone but my back feels so much better. I don't feel tired as much so my energy level is so much better. It goes to show you that with the right support, you can get comfort and relief
Mike S.

Recommend to my patients

I work as a physical therapist and recommend them to my patients with foot, leg & back pain. I used their arch supports when I had really bad arch & heel pain & had great results! My patients get relief using plantar bio science arch supports & seem to find their inner strength & balance to get them through whatever comes their, errands, traveling. Great results & happy patients!
Dr. Cohen

Heel pain gone

My girlfriend was wearing them in her dress shoes & I didn't even notice them in her sandals. I started talking about my heel pain & she wisked them right out of her sandals & told me her heel pain was gone after using plantar bio science arch supports & suggested I order a pair. Glad I listened. After using them my heel pain was gone & even my knee & back felt so much better!! I even put them in my sandals. So I'm comfortable and feel great! Thanks!!!
Mark S.

Found great relief

I had pain in my toes & on the top of my foot. Tried various arch supports but couldn't get relief until I tried plantar bio science arch supports. The design is comfortable & lifts pressure off areas of my foot that gives me trouble. So, it feels good when I wear them It's made a huge difference in the way I live my life. Instead of taking various joint pain relievers all day & night, now I just wear these arches & feel good all day & sleep at night. Just had to say thank you!
Matt B.

Really work

I'm semi retired and was struggling with standing for long periods of time trying to do errands. My daughter tried to buy me different things to help but nothing was working. My neighbor got these and was walking, standing and felt better. So I thought I would try them. Wow! What a difference! After using plantar bio science arch supports I no longer have pain in my lower back, legs & feet! Since the pain & pressure was gone my energy level was back to normal. This really helped me I know what it's like to suffer and can honestly say this works!!
Glenn C.

Best supports on the market

Got these as a present for Christmas from my sister who also had issues. She said she couldn’t get through her long work shifts without them so she got me a pair: Best Christmas present ever!!! Plantar Bio Science arch supports really work! The pain I was having in my feet & knee was gone!! and I can move them from my work shoes to my dress shoes even my slippers! They take me through my busy workday and into my evening. I will be using these arches for a long long time!!
Stan L.

Knee & hip pain gone!

I'm a surgical nurse & was having knee & hip pain but my feet felt fine. I didn't realize by supporting my feet this would relieve my knee & hip pain. Plantar Bio Science arch supports patented balance link technology really helped me. I'm so glad I tried them before having surgery. Know your options, try these supports for your whole body! I can even stand long hours at work without back pain. I'm so happy I got these arch supports!
Debbie E.

No more pain in my feet & back!

These arch supports really took the pain & pressure out of the joints in the base & top of my feet. Plantar Bio Science arch support really supports all the right areas of the foot yet they don't bulk up the Shoe. I can transfer them from shoe to shoe easily. And I can use them in the shoes I already have. I don't have to buy a bigger shoe. I even wore them in dress shoes at my friend's wedding & danced for hours like I was in my twenties again. It felt so good! I'm so glad I gave these supports a try! Forever grateful!
Terri H.

Relieved my ball of foot pain

I had such tenderness & pain in my toes, ball of foot area. I have bunions and hammer toes and was constantly trying different supports in my shoes to get relief. Nothing worked until I tried plantar bio science arch supports! I just put them in all my shoes and no longer have pain & pressure in the forefoot. The pain is gone! So I feel like I got back my life! I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and had no pain & more energy! I took a workout class at a local gym the other day, it felt go good to be active & normal again!
Chloe G.

Give them a chance you won't be disappointed!

A friend of mine, who is an orthopedic doctor, recommended plantar bio science arch supports to me. He actually purchased them & got great relief from foot & back pain. I have flat feet and have had issues with knee & back pain for years! After trying -these supports I noticed less strain when I moved my hips & NO more pain in my lower back! I had more strength & energy because I wasn't taking pain killers. I also noticed my feet felt better and the pain was gone on the outside of my feet and the pain was gone on my heel.
Ken D.

Best arch support I've ever tried

I've been wearing orthotics arch supports since I was 12 years old. After years of trying everything to relieve my poor tired flat feet, I finally found a great arch support. I'm now in my late 40's & work for united parcel service which means lifting a lot of boxes daily, a lot of bending & strain on my body. I'm on my feet long long hours! After using plantar bio science arch supports my feet don't hurt anymore & I feel like I have more energy & strength to get through my day, Also, I'm sleeping better because my body doesn't feel achy at night. I'm so glad my friend told me about this brand. It's made a huge difference in my life!
Charles B.

Finally got relief from back pain

I have worked very hard in construction for over 25 years & was really suffering with achy feet & a sore back. A friend at work used plantar bio science arch supports & kept saying how good he felt so I thought I would try it. It took about a week and then I started noticing my heel didn't hurt and there was no more tenderness & pain in my toes. After about another week I didn't feel my lower back pain that much. So give this a chance, it will work. I'm so glad I found this brand. Thank You!
Doug S.

Army guy got relief

My family has served in the army for decades. So a lot of us have foot & back pain. A friend of mine got great relief after using plantar bio science arch supports so I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did. The pain I had in my arch & ankle is gone! My back feels so much better! No matter where I am or what I'm doing I feel so much better with these arch supports! Try them you'll love them!
Stan M.

Best arch support out there

I've been using plantar bio science arch supports for a while & still have no more pain in my feet, legs & back. They really work & got me back on the golf course & running again. Try them!
Morgan S.