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Absolutely! Our arch supports are versatile and can be worn in various shoe types, including athletic shoes, casual footwear, high heels, and even work boots.

While results may vary,  ninety- nine percent of people who tested our product found relief. Many individuals get immediate relief of foot pain upon wearing our arch supports. While others need to use our arch supports for a few days or weeks to feel relief of their foot pain. It is important to note that the level of pain relief in your feet depends on the severity of your condition and other individual factors. Continuous use of Plantar BioScience arch supports can provide cumulative benefits for your feet over time.

For optimal results, we recommend gradually increasing the duration of time spent wearing Plantar BioScience Arch Supports. Start by wearing them for a few hours per day and gradually increase the time as your feet adjust. Eventually, you can wear your Plantar BioScience Arch Supports throughout the day for maximum support and comfort.

Yes, you can transfer our arch supports to all shoe types: Dress, Casual, Athletic, Work Boots, Loafers & Even High Heels!

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